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Ever dreamt of having a store like Amazon, eBay, etsy or Flipkart? Then Adenmart will turn your dreams into a reality.
You will have an online eCommerce store setup, where multiple Buyers can Buy your goods or services in no time.

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Free E-store Page

Adenmart provides you a Free Ecommerce store page which allows you to sell your products online without sharing your profit.

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Get a free Android app for E-store without paying any other extra cost

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Yes!! Its true now you can earn from your free app excluding your sales just by sharing your app and making it popular.

Platform Features


  • An entirely separate frontend dashboard, where they can manage their products, coupons, orders, commissions, customer questions and much more ( technically termed as: The Vendor Dashboard ).
  • Vendors get their dedicated store ( or vendor’s shop ) and their equivalent store settings which they can manage themselves.
  • Vendors get a weekly and monthly sales report in the vendor dashboard itself.
  • No third-party communication. Vendor can directly deal with buyers for payment & shipping 
  • Vendors can add or upload products from their dashboard itself which includes adding virtual and downloadable productssetting tax or shipping classesmanaging product tagsadding product attributesmanage the inventory of each product and much more.
  • Vendors can also sell products previously listed by other vendors as theirs i.e. a product will have more than one vendor attached to it (this is called the much in demand Single Product Multiple Vendors ).
  • categorical tree or Browse Tree Guides (BTG) for products just like Amazon is also included for ease of product management.
  • Vendors can create, edit, delete fixed/percentage coupons ( applicable only for their products )
  • Vendors can see and manage all their orders from the vendor dashboard itself.
  • They can export their orders into a CSVchange the order status and add an order note for reference.
  • Vendors can also mark an order as shipped and issue refunds for customers.


You just need to register for a free account with your phone no, email id & password

Setup your store

After completing registration setup your store with your custom Banner & Logo 

share your app

After successfully setting up your store you are ready to share & promote your business

start earning

As you share your app your sales increases. But as we mentioned Adenmart also pays you for sharing your app

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Setting up your online store and sell online

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